The Basics of Leasing a Vehicle

The Basics of Leasing 

Every year, more and more consumers choose leasing as the way to pay for their new vehicle. Leasing isn’t for everyone, but it has the potential to be one of the best financial decisions you make as a car buyer. 

What are the benefits to leasing?

  • Lower Monthly Payments

    • You only pay for a portion of the vehicle’s value over the leased period.
  • Lower Up-Front Costs

    • Down payments on a lease are usually much smaller than financing.
  • Drive the Latest Model

    • You can drive a vehicle with the latest technology and styling.
  • Flexible Terms

    • Terms can be matched to your driving habits. Length of the term and mileage per year can be matched to your desires. 
  • Lower Repair Costs

    • Factory Warranty covers most lease terms.
  • No Trade-in

    • You do not have the inconvenience of selling or trading-in your vehicle at the end of the lease. 


We hope this information is helpful to you! If you’re ready to lease let’s start  the finance application process.