Risk Free Policy


Nissan of Elk Grove(referred to as “Dealer”) offers a Risk Free Policy (5day/500 mile) to its customers allowing them to exchange any used vehicle purchased from Dealer (referred to as the “original used vehicle”) for another used vehicle (referred to as the “exchanged used vehicle”) in Dealer’s, current inventory located at 8586-8590 Laguna Grove Drive, Elk Grove, California 95757 (referred to as “Dealer’s Location”).

This Risk Free Policy is subject to all of the following conditions:

1. Customer shall have the right to exchange the original used vehicle within five (5) days of the purchase of the original used vehicle or 500 miles, whichever occurs first.

2. The exchanged used vehicle selected by Customer shall be of equal or greater value, as determined by the Dealer, and selected from Dealer’s inventory of used vehicles for resale at the time of exchange.

3. Customer will be responsible to Dealer for all costs associated with the exchanged used vehicle, including, but not necessarily limited to, it’s purchase price and all applicable additional charges, including but not limited to, document preparation fees, government fees, smog charges, and taxes. When a new sale contract is signed and approved, the previous sale contract will be rescinded. Any payments already made by Customer will be applied to the new contract.

4. If customer wishes to finance the purchase price of the exchanged used vehicle, including any additional charges, then the exchange contemplated by this Risk Free Policy is subject to and conditioned upon Customer qualifying for financing from a lending institution to be selected by Dealer.

5. Customer must return the original used vehicle in the same condition as it was at the time Customer acquired the vehicle. Customer acknowledges that, at the time he/she took possession of the original used vehicle from Dealer, the vehicle was in good condition, with all equipment and components in working order, and with no visible body damage to said vehicle, except as follows:

6. Customer is entitled to only one exchange under this Risk Free Policy for each original purchase.

7. If there were two or more buyers of the original used vehicle, then all such buyers must agree to exercise the exchange privilege granted by this Risk Free Policy.