Oil Change Service in Elk Grove, CA

Keeping your vehicle in prime condition is as simple as scheduling an oil change service with our team at Nissan of Elk Grove. With our convenient service hours, friendly staff, and expert technicians, you will find the entire experience to be efficient and enjoyable. Call us at #SalesNumber to schedule an appointment! While you are here you can peruse our vast showroom floor! At Nissan, we include a 10-year/100,000 mile limited powertrain warranty* with the purchase of most new vehicles, so be sure to check that out.We are located at 8590 Laguna Grove Drive in Elk Grove, CA, and look forward to seeing you soon!

No matter the instance, your engine needs to have a fresh batch of clean oil in order to run smoothly. Acting as a lubricant, the oil will help to ensure that damaging corrosion does not occur as you make your daily commutes or take the kids to school. Over time, however, the oil level will begin to lower or end up clogging your engine with harmful dirt and debris. Don’t wait until there are strange sounds coming from under hood, which can end up leading to a full engine replacement. Nip it in the bud and come and see us. We will take care of your vehicle in an efficient manner!

If you aren’t positive on when you need an oil change service, we’d be happy to help! Find the best source for information by taking a peek at the Owner’s Manual, but we do recommend stopping in every six months as a general guideline. It should also be kept in mind that heat, as well as constantly stopping and going, can cause the engine to lose more oil, in turn, affecting its lifespan. If you have any specific questions, you can always contact us over the phone, or simply fill out our Ask a Tech form right here on our website. If you are raring and ready to get this maintenance taken care of, utilize our Schedule Appointment form, so we can get it done as soon as possible!

We want you to get back on the road with confidence, and that doesn’t just stop with getting fresh oil into your vehicle. While we are under the hood, our technicians will take a closer look at all the vital mechanics and make sure your fluid levels are at a proper level. Since services like a tire rotation generally fall within the six month period as well, we suggest you take care of that, as well, to save some time.

Our Nissan dealership as over 2,000 positive reviews, and counting, and that can attest to the effort that we put forth with our services. Remember, if you have purchased a Nissan with us, we also offer a complimentary oil change, so if you haven’t yet, stop in to redeem your oil change service in Elk Grove, CA, at Nissan of Elk Grove! We look forward to helping you as soon as you are ready!