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Service: 877-977-4850
Parts: 877-734-0140
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Build your own fleet of Nissans with this business-friendly incentive program! 

It’s hard to imagine buying more than one vehicle from a dealership at a time, but for many businesses it’s a harsh reality. With the distribution of more information on the Nissan Fleetail Program near Sacramento, CA, we’re hoping to banish that idea. Our well-trained Sales Manager Warren Santos, and on-site delivery are at the core of this program accomplishing Nissan’s aim to make purchasing your own fleet as painless as possible.

This new and improved program rolled out on December 1st of 2015 and provides new incentives for businesses looking to man their own fleet, including aggressive fleet incentives and possible tax breaks for the business. A fleet vehicle is one that is used at least 51% of the time for company purposes and, with the Nissan Fleetail 2.0 Program, it isn’t just limited to cargo vans anymore. Any model vehicle in the lineup that is unused and unregistered is eligible to be a fleet vehicle (minus the GT-R). Businesses can also now apply online for their fleet certification code, with a confirmation email containing the Fleet Certification Code sent within 2 days.

Fleet vehicles have endless uses, from use in construction, as a taxi, or all the way up to commuter vehicles for company executives, and Nissan of Elk Grove has plenty of information on the Nissan Fleetail 2.0 Program near Sacramento, CA, to help you choose the right model depending upon your needs. If you need something with some serious fuel economy, the Nissan Versa Note comes in handy for courier services and salespeople who go door-to-door. The Nissan NV Cargo Van has limitless possibilities when it comes to toting around cargo. Its good for heavy equipment and parts, and even catering businesses will find the NV a good option to keep their multiple trays stable and secure.

Production and expansion are usually the two main goals of companies, and fleet vehicles help accomplish both. Nissan keeps that in mind, making sure that businesses work intimately with one salesperson who will guide them through the whole process from beginning to end. Criteria to qualify for a company fleetail are a minimum purchase commitment of 2 or more units, a business tax ID number, and a minimum of 5 units in a fleet.

It’s a lot to take in for some companies, but getting more information on the Nissan Fleetail 2.0 Program near Sacramento, CA, is easy enough – head on in to Nissan of Elk Grove and our knowledgeable Sales Manager Warren Santos will talk you through the whole thing, step by step.  


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