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Our service department is committed to providing the highest level of dedication for every client.

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Nissan of Elk Grove offers the largest and most technologically advanced Nissan service facility in the Sacramento region. Due to the committed team of our service department, we can always meet your needs and we schedule appointments at your earliest convenience. our technicians are also available to ride along with our clients to pro-actively identify and solve service concerns and offer expert advice.

  • Many of our service technicians are both Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and Nissan certified.
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Gas Saving Tips for Your Auto

While it is always wise to conserve natural resources, the recent price of gasoline has made even the most wasteful people think twice. Whatever your motivation, here are some gas saving tips from the pros at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).

  • Monitor tires. Under inflated tires or poorly aligned wheels waste fuel by forcing the engine to work harder. (Let the tires cool down before checking the air pressure.) Out-of-line wheels, as evidenced by uneven tread wear, should be aligned by a professional.

  • Remove excess weight. Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle. Store only essentials in the trunk. Less weight means better mileage.

  • Consolidate trips and errands. Some trips may be unnecessary. Also, try to travel when traffic is light so you can avoid stop-and-go conditions.

  • Avoid excessive idling. Shut off the engine while waiting for friends and family.

  • Observe speed limits. Speeding decreases your miles per gallon.

  • Drive gently. Sudden accelerations guzzle gas. Anticipate traffic patterns ahead and adjust your speed gradually.

  • Use windows and air conditioning wisely. Your mileage should improve if you keep the windows closed at highway speeds, since air drag is reduced. This is true even with the air conditioning on-assuming that the system is in good working order. But turn the air conditioning off in stop-and-go traffic to save fuel.

  • Keep your engine "tuned up." A well-maintained engine operates at peak efficiency, maximizing gas mileage. Follow the service schedules listed in the owner's manual. Replace filters and fluids as recommended; have engine performance problems (rough idling, poor acceleration, etc.) corrected at a repair facility. Given today's high-tech engines, it's wise to have this type of work done by auto technicians who are ASE certified in engine performance.

These conservation tips will not only save gasoline, they'll help extend the life of your vehicle. Win-win, indeed.

Choosing the Right Repair Shop

No matter what you drive - sports car, family sedan, pick-up, or mini-van, when you go in for repairs or service, you want the job done right. The following advice should take much of the guesswork out of finding a good repair establishment.

Don't just drop your vehicle off at the nearest establishment and hope for the best. That's not choosing a shop, that's merely gambling.

I. Preliminaries

  • Read your owner's manual to become familiar with your vehicle and follow the manufacturer's suggested service schedule.

  • Start shopping for a repair facility before you need one; you can make better decisions when you are not rushed or in a panic.

  • Ask friends and associates for recommendations; even in this high-tech era, old-fashioned word of mouth reputation is valuable.

  • Check with your local consumer organization(s) regarding the reputation of the business. Inquire about complaints and the rate of resolution of complaints.

  • If possible, arrange for alternate transportation in advance so you will not feel forced to choose a shop solely on location.
Once you choose a repair shop, start off with a minor job; if you are pleased, trust them with more complicated repairs later.

II. At the Shop

  • Look for a neat, well organized facility, with vehicles in the parking lot equal in value to your own and modern equipment in the service bays.

  • Professionally run establishments will have a courteous, helpful staff. The service writer should be willing to answer all of your questions.

  • All policies (labor rates, guarantees, methods of payment, etc.) should be posted and/or explained to your satisfaction.

  • Ask if the shop customarily handles your vehicle make and model. Some facilities specialize.

  • Ask if the shop usually does your type of repair, especially if you need major work.

  • Look for signs of professionalism in the customer service area: civic and community service awards, membership in the Better Business Bureau, AAA-Approved Auto Repair status, customer service awards.

  • Look for evidence of qualified technicians, such as trade school diplomas, certificates of advanced course work, and ASE certifications - a national standard of technician competence.
The backbone of any shop is the competence of its technicians.

III. Follow-Up

  • Keep good records; keep all paperwork.

  • Reward good service with repeat business. It is mutually beneficial to you and the shop owner to establish a relationship.

  • If the service was not all you expected, don't rush to another shop. Discuss the problem with the service manager or owner. Give the business a chance to resolve the problem. Reputable shops value customer feedback and will make a sincere effort to keep your business.


New Vehicles from Nissan of Elk Grove

Including: Nissan GT-R, Nissan Murano, Nissan 350Z, Nissan Altima, Nissan Altima Coupe, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Nissan Armada, Nissan Frontier, Nissan Maxima, Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Rogue, Nissan Quest, Nissan Sentra, Nissan Sentra SE-R, Nissan Titan, Nissan Versa and Nissan Xterra.

Our location makes us a convenient Sacramento Nissan dealer, especially if you're looking for a Roseville Nissan dealer and Folsom Lake Nissan dealer.  We stand by every Nissan we sell with our exclusive 10-Point Value Guarantee, which is one of the many reasons consumers rated Nissan Elk Grove #1 Nissan on DealerRater.com. So whether you're looking for a Nissan service department in Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom Lake, or anywhere else in Sacramento, come to Nissan Elk Grove for a great experience! We have a great line of new and used Nissan cars, trucks, and SUVs. If you're looking for a Nissan, we have a great selection.

We also have Nissan 350Z , 370Z , Altima , Altima Hybrid , Armada ,Cube , Frontier, GT-R , Maxima , Murano , Pathfinder ,Quest , Rogue , Sentra ,Titan Truck ,Versa , Xterra.  If you're looking for a new or used Nissan truck or SUV, we have a great selection at competitive prices.

We look forward to helping you find the perfect new or used Nissan.  We are a short drive from anywhere in the Sacramento, including Roseville!